All You Need To Know About Cervical Spondylosis

All You Need To Know About Cervical Spondylosis

What is Cervical Spondolyis?

Spondolysis or Cervical Spondolysis is a medical condition which was once related to age. However, the scenario has completely altered now. The disease is affecting people at a young as well. That is mainly due to spending too much time sitting at a computer desk or using mobile phones. Lifting heavy weights or remaining in position for a time can cause Cervical Spondolysis. 

It is caused by the deterioration of ligaments, discs, and the vertebrae. Generally, this deterioration, when generated in the neck region, is referred to as degenerative Spondolysis. It usually causes pain and stiffness of the neck. Therefore, it is also called as neck arthritis. The cervical region of the vertebrae consists of seven small discs. The cervical region arises from the skull. In spondolysis, vertebral edge converts into bone spurs. These spurs of bone are referred to as the osteophytes. 

The risk of spondolysis increases with age. The discs start to get thinner, and they lose their ability to absorb shock. The facet joints sometimes pinch against the roots of the nerves. These pinching often result in needling or painful sensations. Even the limbs get affected by the pain. In some cases, there is a loss of coordination. Some people start facing difficulties while walking. 

Causes and Symptoms

Here we have listed some of the Spondolysis Causes:

Dehydration of the Spinal Discs:

Dehydration of the Spinal Discs

When the gel-like material between the two spinal bones starts drying up, dehydration is caused. This causes the discs to rub against each other. Which becomes the prime reason behind the painful sensation

Spurs of Bones:

Spurs of Bones

Sometimes, the body overgrows the bones to make the spine stronger. But, these extra growths of bones press against the delicate areas. That includes the nerves and the spinal cord, as well. This pressing causes pain resulting in spondylosis. 

Discs Getting Herniated:

Discs getting herniated

Often, the spinal discs develop cracks in them. These cracks permeate the leakage of the cushioning material. The material then presses against the nerves and the spinal cord. That often results in the numbness of the arms. And radiates pain in most cases. The condition is referred to as a herniated disc. 

Stiffness of the Ligament:

Stiffness of the Ligament

The spinal discs are connected through stiff ligaments. With time these ligaments turn stiffer. Their stiffness affects the movement of your neck. This also makes you have these tightening sensation in your neck


The aging process is generally accelerated when you have had an injury. This causes pain in your cervical region resulting in spondolysis. 

Overuse of the Vertebral Column:

Overuse of the Vertebral Column

Some hobbies or occupations demand heavy lifting regularly. This exerts pressure on the spine. That results in the wear and tear of the spine bones at an early stage. 

Most people do not experience many symptoms with cervical spondolysis. Symptoms sometimes range from mild to severe. But, in some cases, the symptoms appear almost immediately. One of the most common cervical spondolysis symptoms is a sharp pain in the shoulder blades. Some experience pain in the fingers and the arm as well. Other common signs of spondylotic changes involve:

  • Stiffness of the neck getting worse
  • Numbing or tingling sensation in the arms and the shoulder 
  • The cervical spondylosis headache in the backside of the head
  • Sometimes loss in body balance is experienced
  • Loss of control over bowel movement
  • Loss of control over the bladder as well

When you experience such symptoms, you must see your doctor without further delay. In severe cases, the doctors recommend cervical spondylosis surgery

Home Treatment Options

To avoid cervical spondolysis, one needs to exercise regularly. However, to get relief from the symptoms, one can adopt some home remedies as well. In minor cases, OTCs are recommended. These drugs do not need a prescription. They include:

  • Naproxen or Ibuprofen. Some NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory) medications can be taken too 
  • Tylenol containing acetaminophen works as well

However, there are certain limitations to consuming NSAIDs. People with:

  • Asthma
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Digestive issues

They are suggested to keep away from NSAIDs. For severe pain, you are advised to see the doctor. Some other cervical spondylitis treatment at home includes:

Performing Exercises Regularly:

Performing Exercises Regularly

This will undoubtedly help in recovering from cervical spondolysis. Neck and shoulder exercises can strengthen up the neck muscles.

Hot and Cold Pack Treatment:

Hot and Cold pack treatment

This method can help you get relief from excessive pain. Also, the soreness of the muscles in the neck region is reduced.

A Neck Brace:

A Neck Brace

Initially, a person may get assistance by wearing neck braces. But, long-term use is not quite recommended. Neck braces result in weakening of the neck muscles.  

Naturopathy Treatment for Cervical Spondolysis

Yoga and Exercises:

Yoga and Exercises

Exercise and Yoga have splendid effects on our bodies. There are several yogic poses, which can help you with spondolysis. If you perform these poses regularly, you will notice a tremendous difference. 



Acupuncture can help in eliminating neck pain. The effective rate of acupuncture for spondolysis is about 75.5%. It delivers a positive outcomes for the patients positively. All the natural therapeutic points of the body are triggered by acupuncture. And thus, the healing process is also natural. 



To restore balance in body, physiotherapy is recommended. They help in improving the flexibility of the neck. Physiotherapy reduces any further damage to the nerves and the spinal cord. Physiotherapy helps in the strengthening of the muscles and the joints. It also helps in improving the posture of the body. 

Partial or Full Massage:

Partial or Full Massage

The spinal and neck muscles get strengthened up by partial or full massage. Therefore, they contribute towards the healing of cervical spondolysis. 


Cervical spondolysis is a common disorder. The disease is caused due to several reasons. Naturopathy holds the permanent solution for cervical spondolysis. For the body to remain fit even if you age, you need to exercise regularly. And what better exercise than yoga could be? You must periodically practice yoga and Pranayam to remain physically sound. This will help you in combating diseases like cervical and lumbar spondolysis

You can now heal your body with naturopathy.

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