What is the Role of Yoga for Health and Disease?

Introduction to Yoga

The only way to attain harmony of the body, mind, and soul is through yoga! The word Yoga has its roots buried in Sanskrit that relates to union. Yoga facilitates the union of the universe’s consciousness with the individual’s consciousness. Yoga cannot just be regarded as a form of exercise. It is an ancient form of adaption for living a happier and healthier life. 

History of Yoga

The origin of Yoga is based on the mythologies of Hinduism. But, the knowledge of the subject transcends down to almost every religion. People from all walks of life are happily adopting yogic practices. In historic times, the sages managed to encase the state of consciousness through yoga practices. And that is how the secret to a meaningful life was discovered. 

Yogic Concepts of Wellbeing

Pancha Kosha is the existential layers of yoga that are categorised into five different parts. This is the qualitative aspect of health that is related to Yoga. The five layers of existence will be:

  • Anandamayam
  • Vijanamayam
  • Manomayam
  • Pranamayam
  • Annamayam

If you practice yoga regularly, it will help in increasing concentration level and boost memory as well. Also, by practicing yoga on a regular basis, you can prevent the onset of any kind of mental condition. As mental illness is quite prevalent in adolescents, they should adopt yoga practices extensively. 

Relationship between Health and Disease

Health was once defined as the absence of disease. However, today the scenario has changed. The state of physical and mental well-being is more likely referred to as being healthy. Several factors work together to impart you with good health. A disorder that affects your health is a disease. When a disease is caused, the body of an organism is extensively affected. Diseases can be broadly categorised into two different types:

  • Communicable disease
  • Non-communicable disease

Advantages of Yoga

The benefits procured from yoga are endless. Here we have listed a few:

  • Helps in the releasing of toxic substances from your body
  • The flow of energy in your body is channelized
  • The posture and alignment of the body is corrected
  • The flexibility of muscles and the joints is enhanced
  • All the organ systems of the body are efficiently regulated
  • Helps in the reduction of weight
  • Revitalises and strengthens the organs of the body

Yoga for Health and Disease

1- Yoga for Good Health

For leading a healthy life, you must practice yoga daily. We have listed three such Yoga for Good Health. These exercises will instil rejuvenation in your life. And help you combat the stresses of daily life. 

Yoga for Good Health

  • Shava Asana: This is one such yoga pose that will let you concentrate on your breathing. Listed among the top three poses of Yoga for Good Health Shava Asana has innumerable benefits to impart. Make sure to practice slow and steady breathing with your nose. 
  • Bhujangasana: This Yoga posture is going to strengthen your spine. And help with your back pain as well. Bhujangasana is also referred to as the Cobra Pose. 
  • Adho Mukha Savasana: Suffering from headache issues? The Adho Mukha Savasana can help you relief from pain. The posture helps in the relaxation of the neck and the upper back as well. 

2- Yoga for Heart

The postures of Yoga for good heart will include exercises that facilitate deep breathing. Perform the poses listed below gently. And make sure to take deep breaths as well. 

Yoga for Heart

  • Sukhasana: This posture is quite simple to perform. It is more like a meditation. All you need to do is sit with your legs crossed on the floor. And then practice deep breathing. 
  • Tadasana: This pose of Yoga for good heart is referred to as the Mountain Pose. This asana will help in calming the mind. It will also enhance blood circulation and sharpen your focus. 
  • Uttanasana: This pose is performed to acquire calming benefits. You must bend towards the forward direction and practice deep breathing exercise. You could also make use of a chair or a block to rest your head. 

3- Yoga for Stress Relief

Stress today seems like a part of our daily lives. In such a scenario, it is essential that you performed Yoga for stress relief. This is because stress can have an adverse effect on your health. Here, we have listed a few poses that will help relieve stress. 

Yoga for Stress Relief

  • Prasarita Padottanasana: This yoga pose extensively helps in the release of stress. The posture of Yoga for stress relief will alleviate pressure from your head. And thus help you feel relaxed. 
  • Sasangasana: This is one of the best yoga poses to perform when exhausted, about to experience a panic attack, or stressed. The pose is very safe and will impart a calming effect on your body. 
  • Vajrasana: The Vajrasana or the thunderbolt pose of Yoga for stress relief is very beneficial. This pose will help in the broadening of your back. Thus, assisting in releasing stress. 

4- Yoga for Mental Health

Yoga can be used to improve your lifestyle as a whole. In today’s scenario, the postures of yoga for mental health are quite commonly used. Yoga helps with the sharpening of mind. And also helps in improving your overall mood. 

Yoga for Mental Health

  • Viparita Karani: This yoga pose is known for alleviating anxiety issues. It helps in the relaxation and calming of our mind. The reason Viparita Karani has such useful effects on our mental health is that it triggers our nervous system. 
  • Uttanasana: This pose works on the entire back muscles. It facilitates flexibility and increases strength, along with helping with mental health as well. 
  • Shavasana: This one of the most widely used poses of yoga for mental health. Shavasana or the corpse pose imparts a calming effect to your body and mind. Thus, it helps in improving mental health. 

5- Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression are quite common in today’s generation. More and more people are suffering from these issues regularly. Therefore, practising yoga for stress relief is imperative. Here are three yogic postures that will help in releasing stress. 

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

  • Dhanurasana: Also known as the Bow Pose, Dhanurasana imparts calming effects on your mind. The posture also helps in actively stretching your back muscles. And thus, helps you feel relaxed. 
  • Matsyasana: Although this position could be quite tricky for the beginners, you must make sure to practice it. Mastyasana or the fish pose is an accessible Yoga for stress relief. The pose will help with migraine and insomnia effectively. 
  • Janu Shirsasana: Almost everyone can perform this yogic posture. This helps in the stretching of the major muscles of your body. It also helps with relaxing and calming effect. 

6- Yoga for Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair

Having healthy hair and glowing skin in these adverse climatic conditions may seem like a myth. However, some of the poses of yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair are very effective. 

Yoga for Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair

  • Sarvangasana: This yoga posture helps in the supply of blood to your head. Therefore, it helps with dullness. It also helps to combat pimples and acne. 
  • Halasana: This yoga pose again increases blood supply to your head and face. Thus combating with acne and hair-related issues with halasana is possible. 
  • Trikonasana: This is one famous pose of yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair. It increases the blood supply to your head and face. The increase in oxygen level thus manifests better hair and skin. 

7- Yoga for Hypothyroidism

Thyroid-related issues have recently become quite common. Therefore you must perform yoga for hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism as well. Performing yoga regularly will help you manage your metabolism effectively. 

Yoga for Hypothyroidism

  • Ustrasana: This yoga posture does appropriately stimulate the thyroid gland. Helps in the adequate secretion of the thyroxine hormone. That further helps in regulating hypothyroidism. 
  • Setu Bandhasana: This is an effective pose of yoga for hypothyroidism. It improves blood circulation and stretches the neck as well. The pose also imparts you with other health benefits. 
  • Bhujangasana: This yoga posture is included in Surya namaskar because of the benefits it offers. When you perform bhujangasana, your neck and throat are stretched. This facilitates the functioning of the thyroid gland. 

8- Yoga for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure issues are quite common nowadays. Every other person seems to suffer from elevated blood pressure levels. Along with maintaining your diet and regular intake of medicines, perform these yoga postures as well. 

Yoga for High Blood Pressure

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana: Also referred to as the downward-facing dog pose has several benefits to offer to you. This yoga posture along with helping with several other issues reduces your high blood pressure levels. 
  • Paschimottanasana: This yoga posture is one of the primary stretching exercises. But, it imparts several benefits. All you need to do is extend your legs forward. Then try and touch one foot at a time with your hands. 
  • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana: This is also known as the bridge pose that helps in lowering high blood pressure. Although beginners might face some difficulty in performing this yoga pose, you must keep trying until you master it. 

9- Yoga for Diabetes

Diabetes and high blood pressure are one of the most dreaded diseases. Due to the shift in our lifestyle, more and more people have high diabetes. The condition cannot only be handled with proper dieting. Perform this yoga postures to control your blood sugar level. 

  • Kapal Bhati: This is more of a breathing technique that stimulates the nervous system. It also helps in rejuvenating and energising your body. Kapal Bhati can be performed extensively for treating high blood pressure and diabetes. 
  • Supta Matsyendrasana: This yogic posture improves your digestive powers. It massages the internal organs well. Also, extensively helps with diabetes by exerting pressure on the organs of the abdomen. 
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana: The half-seated spinal twisting posture helps with diabetes. And also regulates the supply of oxygen to your lungs. Ardha Matsyendrasana helps with making your spine supple. 

10- Yoga for Weight Management

While yoga has been intended for the calming of the mind and soul, it can be used for weight management as well. To drop in some weights and manage your high blood pressure, perform this yoga poses. 

Yoga for Weight Management

  • Virabhadrasana: In this yoga posture, your thigh, shoulder, and all the other muscles in between are stimulated. You can make the most out of this posture for weight management. Virabhadrasana helps with high blood pressure regulation. 
  • Trikonasana: This yoga posture great for your abs. While regulating high blood pressure, it also helps in the management of health. The twisting motion performed with this asana will help with digestion as well. 
  • Sarvangasana: This the yoga pose helps with strengthening your body and with digestion as well. This pose balances the thyroid gland, thus stimulating higher metabolism. That ultimately helps with weight management. 

Services offered by Arogyadhama: 

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Types of Yoga taught at Arogyadhama are:

At Arogyadhama we train our clients with different types of yoga. Those are entirely based on their age and body type. The different types of yoga include:

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  • Hata Yoga
  • Brick Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Belt Yoga
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Acro Yoga
  • Sculpt Yoga


The entire article is based on the wellness of health that yoga has to offer. How yoga can benefit you with different types of health issues has been carefully outlined. Yoga should be regarded as one of the essentials things to perform daily. So what are you waiting for? Take one step towards self-care by adapting yogic practices regularly. 

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