What are the proven Health benefits of Yoga and Meditation?

Yoga & meditation always go together and has existed for 1000s of years. This duo of yoga-meditation is used in the form of an alternative exercise and health treatment in daily life. This keeps the body and mind happy and healthy.

While practicing yoga adds on flexibility, balance, endurance, as well as strength. Meditation keeps your mind sharp, reduces anxiety, and relieves strength. When paired together, both these ancient art forms strengthen the immune system.

How does Yoga & Meditation help you?

Now that you know the basics of this magic combination. Let us know more about its proven health benefits of yoga and meditation in daily life.

1-Reduces Back Pain:

Reduces Back Pain

Flexible yoga poses paired with meditation practice for a few weeks aids with relief from chronic issues such as back pain. Several studies conducted over the year suggest that stretching poses and exercises tend to improve the spinal flexibility. Not just that, you can notice substantial changes with regular practice as you gain control over lower back pain.

Try yoga and meditation for a week and see the results. After a week see how yoga sutras and advanced yoga will aid to your spinal health.

2-Help in Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Help in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Traditionally, yoga is divided into several different forms depending on the intensity of their difficulty. Yoga forms such as Iyengar Yoga helps people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis with use of belts, blocks, and similar positioning props. Apart from that you should also focus your attention on other yoga forms. This includes Hot Yoga which helps with its slow and easy-paced asanas that benefit your bones, muscles, and joints.

3-Cure for Hangover:

Cure for Hangover

While the day after heaving drinking might bar you from getting out of the bed, experts suggest to do yoga-meditation. This combination can help detox the system. Instead of going for tea or coffee, yoga poses and meditation practice can help you feel fresh at a faster rate. Yoga sutras improve the metabolism of the body which kicks out the toxins built up.

Doing Yoga-Meditation can help you in increasing mental health, by taking charge over your mind and body. There by help you in dealing with anxiety disorders, high blood pressure, stress and anxiety. With this you can improve your quality of life.

Practice yoga asanas such as shoulder stand, bow pose, and plow pose that works on your thyroid gland and helps detoxify. Traditionally, yoga is known to reverse the flow of blood and send more to your brain. This aids with better balance & general awareness.

4-Better Heart Health:

Better Heart Health

Yoga-meditation practice can be the perfect option for heart rate.
Especially for pregnant ladies, When it boils down the heart health.

According to studies conducted in the recent decade, yoga has been linked to decreased heart disease risk. This is because this magical combination of yoga poses and meditation practice eliminates the arterial plague with improved blood circulation.

Simple meditation 10 minutes a day can aid in a relaxed mind, many more. It can Lower Stress Hormones, better flow of blood, and lower blood pressure.

5-Effective against Asthma:

Effective against Asthma

If you are pained from instances of Asthma attack, you should definitely take up some yoga classes. Research over the years suggests that adults suffering from moderate or mild asthma show significant improvement in health when practicing yoga.

Additionally, make sure you learn how to meditate as it helps attain better control over the breathing pattern. Meditation also strengthens your lungs, thereby reducing the instances of asthma attack. Advanced yoga also tends to stimulate your lymphatic system and flushes out all the toxins.

6-Better Digestion:

Better Digestion

If your digestive system hasn’t been good recently, yoga and meditation can help tremendously. There are several yoga sutras, moves, and twists that massage the internal organs. Helping the food move well through the system.

Yoga also flushes out your lymphatic system out of toxins and makes the body cleaner. Traditionally, yoga paired with meditation helps bring down the issues from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease). Simple meditation also reduces the stress-based flare-ups.

7-Better Sleep:

Better Sleep

To ensure that you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, make sure you learn how to meditate. If you suffer from sleep issues or insomnia, meditation and yoga can greatly aid with better sleep quality. The prime cause of sleeplessness is anxiety and stress.

Meditation and yoga can lower anxiety, stress, and helps you sleep better when practices regularly. Breathing and meditation techniques help clear mind and allows you to get peace of mind with better sleep.

8-Boosts your Mood:

Boosts your Mood

Meditation and yoga has been linked closely with emotional stability. Traditionally, yoga and meditation helps improve the cognitive-behavioural performance along with reduced mood swings, schizophrenia, menopause, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Focus your attention on the practice of yoga in group settings as it stimulates release of oxytocin.

The hormones that makes you feel love and loved. Additionally, it also releases higher level of serotonin which is a hormone that is release when you are happy. When combined together, these hormones can drastically improve your mood.

9-Combat the Migraines:

Combat the Migraines

No one loves that piercing pain that takes over your head. So, if you are looking forward to fight the migraines off, the best wayis learn how to meditate. Additionally, advanced yoga such as “Bridge Pose” helps with reduced instances of migraine. The trick here is to opt for relaxation of the muscle tension, especially around the shoulders and neck.

10-Inflammation Reduction:

Inflammation Reduction

Inflammation is a natural body process opted by our immune system as a response to injury, infection, stress, and so on. Practice yoga as a move towards healthy system with lower instances of inflammation. Now, chronic inflammation leads to development of various chronic diseases with visible aging signs.

Simple meditation and yoga is great for decreasing the stress levels and hence reduced inflammation. Practice asanas such as Twisted Figure 4 Pose, Warrior II Pose, and Supine Twist to ensure reduced occurrence of prolonged inflammation.

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