What can be treated with Acupuncture?

In modern times, daily activities are very stressful, isn’t it? There was a time when physical labor was considered as the most hectic and tiring kind of activities. But today, mental stress has become more hectic for our body than physical stress. If you are a person who works endlessly in front of a screen for 9 to 10 hours a day, you must definitely be knowing what mental stress is and how painful is it.

While there’s no way to reduce work pressure to cure mental stress, there are certainly other ways that help like Acupuncture treatment. Let’s dig a little deeper about what this exactly is!

A little insight about Acupuncture treatment

The Chinese medical science claims that thousands of years ago, their people invented this particular treatment called Acupuncture where the body is treated with some particular tiny needles to release the negativity from the body. After years of research, the physicists have come to the conclusion that the human body attracts different types of mental and physical diseases because of the disturbance of energy flow in the body. And these tiny needles are inserted into the body in such a manner that helps to regulate the blood flow and energy flow inside the body, thus making your body healthy and less prone to bad immunity system.

But does that really works? Well, if it didn’t work, then why would Acupuncture treatment be so popular today? Millions of people who adopted Acupuncture treatment to cure their body have got an advantage from it. Starting from athletes to sportsperson to patients with chronic headaches and smoking problems, have reported that these Acupuncture needles have magic in it.

Today, there are various body and mind healing centers which uses Acupuncture to cure the human body. If you are wondering where these centers are, one of them is right there near you, all you have to do is type ‘Acupuncture treatment near me’ in Google search engine. We will get into the details of this treatment now.

Different types of Acupuncture and what suits best to cure your problem

While Acupuncture purely deals with Acupuncture needles and their particular way of insertion into the body, there are different other ways of Acupuncture too. Each type of Acupuncture treatment is specialized to treat a particular kind of disease or problem. So, read the following to find out which acupuncture treatment does your body need right now:

Body Acupuncture

Well, this is the most common type of Acupuncture. In this method, several tiny needles are inserted into the body to treat different therapeutic points. The needles are so tiny and minute in diameter that it slightly feels ticklish while inserting. And no, it doesn’t pain at all. In fact, Body Acupuncture is one of the best body massage technique that releases pain from the muscles and soothes your inner body.

Used to treat: This method is used to treat body pains, body soreness, muscle soreness, muscle recovery, stress relief and insomnia. Many bodybuilders and international athletes prefer to take body acupuncture after stage shows and performances to heal their body quickly.


Another popular type of Acupuncture is electro-acupuncture where the acupuncture needles are electrified and inserted into your body. A certain electrical wave is then passed through the needles to enter your body. It feels a little ticklish and uncomfortable but it’s a great way to treat various conditions.

Used to treat: This method is usually used to treat psychiatric problems and nervous disorders.

Magnetic Acupuncture

In this method, the magnetic fields are manipulated in order to cure the body. The tiny magnets are placed all over the therapeutic points which purify the blood and cures irritating body pains.

Used to treat: This method is used to treat slip discs, lower back disorders, motion sickness, nausea and other sicknesses that are related to the intestines.


Apart from Acupuncture needles, there is another way that is used in acupuncture science- using body strength. Although usually used to treat children, this method is really helpful to cure many other diseases. In this method, an acupuncturist using his/her fingertips to massage certain points of your body, generally the endpoints of the nerves related to the curing disease.

Used to treat: Migraine, Sinus, bed-wetting tendencies in children, eye pains, morning sickness during pregnancies and many more.

Thermal Acupuncture

In this method, a heat lamp is placed over the Acupuncture needles that are inserted into the body. The heat travels into the body through the needles, thus releasing pain and regularizing the blood pumping.

Used to treat: This method is especially used to treat sports injuries, muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, and many other gynecological problems in women.

Incredible benefits of Acupuncture

By now you must already be knowing that Acupuncture is an incredibly natural way to treat certain diseases and releases mental stress. However, these are just a few types of Acupuncture methods. You will be surprised to know that there are various other Acupuncture treatments in Bangalore that even helps to quit smoking, alcoholism, drug problems, insomnia, depression, mental stress, nervous breakdown and many more.

Acupuncture is a time taking method. It takes more time than doctor prescribed medicines but do remember, that it is a natural way of healing and lasts longer than any medicine that you may consume. It slows recovers your body with scientific formulas and makes your body resistive towards that problem. The benefits that you will get from Acupuncture treatments will stay with you for a lifetime.

Best Acupuncture treatment near you

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