7 Home Remedies for Colon Cleansing

7 Home Remedies for Colon Cleansing or Colon Hydrotherapy

Are you suffering from an obstructed digestive system and wish to cleanse internally? Then, you must undoubtedly know about colon cleansing. The science of colon cleansing deals with clearing any complications related to the lower section of our digestive system, a part which we lot are least bothered about. While we are mostly concerned about our stomach and not the intestine, the colon plays a vital role in the absorption of nutrients and water, clearance of undigested wastes, and helps in removal of toxins from the body.

Why do we need a Colon Hydropathy?

Ignoring colon health can accumulate the fecal matter, affect bowel movement, cause infections due to germs and worms, and can support gas generation. Sincere ignorance can deteriorate the condition of your digestive system. Would you ever want this? The obvious answer would be a no. So, rejuvenate and feel refreshed, and let your nutritive system breathe with a colon cleansing session.
colon cleanse at home is a great relief for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Colon cleansing works wonders in not just increasing the working efficiency of the intestine, but also removes the worms, germs, and clogged inches. The best part of undergoing this treatment is that your belly will just get to the perfect inch that you had always wanted.

Colon cleansing or colon hydropathy flushes the essential fluids into your system that brings out all the stuck material. But this is not the only way to clean scrub off the intestine. There are quite a number of home remedies that have been practiced since the times immemorial and have proved equally beneficial. Let’s have an in-depth look at some of the powerful home remedies.

Flush the toxins with water:

Water is absolutely essential to improve digestion and detoxifying the body. A dehydrated colon provides a good spot for the toxins to be stuck. In general, it is highly recommended that you drink a minimum of 2-2.5 liters of water per day in empty stomach for healthy living and that’s all you have to do to cleanse your colon but with a little deviation.

  • Substitute lukewarm water instead of cold, all throughout the day.
  • Combine a teaspoon of Himalayan salt to half a liter of lukewarm water and consume it twice a day.

Make sure that you can reach the toilet when you intake salt and water as this mixture invigorates bowel movement quite well.


Detox through Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar or apple juice has proved its benefits for the human body in all possible ways. It is an excellent home remedy that one can opt for to cleanse the colon thoroughly. It removes the bad bacteria, increases water uptake by the body, encrusts the accumulated toxins, and helps in restoring digestion. The goodness of anti-oxidants in this ingredient is magical for the intestine.

  • To begin with, add one tablespoon of the Apple Cider Vinegar or apple juice to a cup full of lukewarm type water and make sure you consume it a minimum of once every day.
  • Mix honey to it and acquire best results within a few days.

Apple cider VinApple Cider Vinegaregar
Apple Cider Vinegar

Boon of Ginger:

Ginger is the choice of priority for the many naturopaths and dieticians to let your colon cleanse in and out. Inculcating this ingredient in your diet may not only improve the digestion and bowel movement but encourages blood circulation in the body. Ginger is well known to scrub off the toxins from various organs including intestine.

  • Add a tablespoon of ginger, a half apple, and water
  • Blend these items into a smoothie
  • Alternatively, add crushed ginger to water and bring it to boil
  • Cool to consume half a cup of this mixture. You may add honey as per your choice

This is the easiest out of all home remedies that you can score for.


Revitalize using Vitamin C

A number of research works have shown that the intake of Vitamin C has advantageous effects in flushing the colon clean. The righteousness of the antioxidant activity of Vitamin C is what the naturopaths look for. Apples, gooseberry, lemons, and oranges are some of the easily available and Vitamin C rich foods that you must add to your diet.

  • Squeeze the juice of a lemon and aloe vera into lukewarm water and consume twice a day, effectively in morning and evening
  • Repeat the same for gooseberry
  • Intake of the whole fruits, juices, or smoothies once a day works too

Revitalize using Vitamin C
Vitamin C

Go for a healthy salad

The greens in your plate contain a plethora of anti-oxidants, anti-septics, anti-bacterial properties, minerals, vitamins, sea salts and much more. Adding to these features, the fiber content of the salad is superbly beneficial for the digestive system. The generous amount of fiber improves the water retention capacity of the intestine thereby, pushing all the toxins out of the body. Par-boiled or raw, steamed or sautéed; go for your salad your own way. You will unquestionably experience an eased up morning the following day of your salad intake. Opt for a healthy, green, and vegan weekend to relax completely and revitalize your entire organization.

Healthy Salad
Healthy Salad

Sprinkles of Chia and Flax seeds

Chia and flax seeds are superfoods with numerous rewards. These are a storehouse of omega 3 fatty acids which are helpful in the breakdown of bad cholesterol, heart disease and reducing inflammation. The fiber-rich seeds can be added to any food product as per convenience.

  • Take a tablespoon of flax seeds, roast them a little and enjoy the flavors sprouting in your mouth
  • Soak chia seeds for about 5-10 min and let them swell
  • Blend the seeds with a fruit smoothie or add to yoghurt
  • Consume at least twice a day for the best outcomes

Chia and Flex Seeds

Goodness of Probiotics

Some good micro-organisms can lend you a helping hand to stay healthy and fit. These good microbes or probiotics are within your reaches in the kitchen. Yoghurt, kimchi, pickles, and other fermented foods are superabundant in lactobacillus and acidophilus bacteria and Vitamin C. Intake of fermented products instead of any medication has better effects of the digestive system. These foods also act synergistically with the other home remedies that you have opted for natural colon cleansing at home. The probiotics increase the water intake too. There is absolutely no need to look for any other option if you have fermented foods in your kitchen.

Pro Biotics Food

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