Can hand tremors be cured with the help of Physiotherapy?

Maybe your hands started shaking very recently, or maybe it has been existent for long. Hand tremors are something that you need to get checked from professionals who understand the issue and treat it right from its roots. It may occur when you are angry, stressed, or due to any illness sustaining in your body for long. Whatever may be the cause for this tremor, the regular generic treatment option isn’t just the way you can get relief. Physiotherapy is a distinctive form of treatment that focuses on uprooting the cause of the issue ailing the body rather than focusing on short term treatment.

What causes hand tremors?

Shaky hands or hand tremors aren’t actually life threatening in itself. However, it can actually make daily tasks very difficult. Additionally, it could also be one among the symptoms of any underlying disease such as Parkinson’s disease which might be a life threatening condition. Hand tremors can also stem from disruption noted in the everyday functionality of brain’s cerebellum. As of now, researchers aren’t quite sure what actually causes interruption and the ways to stop the same. However, Physiotherapy is something that can help deal with these issues.

Some of the known causes of hand tremors include:

  • Overactive Thyroid
  • Seizure
  • Cerebellar Disease
  • Side Effects of Medication
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Caffeine Overdose
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction or Alcohol Abuse
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Parkinson’s Disease

Types of Hand Tremors

Hand tremors can be of various forms with several causes that ail the patients. The most prevalent type of hand tremors are listed below for your reference.

Resting Tremors:

This type of tremor occurs when a patient is actually at rest with the hand too at resting phase. However, this tremor stops prevailing as soon as the patient moves his/her hand. This form of hand tremor is most common with Parkinson’s disease.

Kinetic Tremors:

The kinetic tremors occur when the patient’s hand is in motion. It tends to disappear as it rests. The common ailments noted notoriously for induction of hand tremors are brain lesions or cerebellar ataxia.

Intentional Tremors:

Intentional tremors tend to occur when one is suffering from stress and anxiety leading to interference in the synaptic connection.

Physiotherapy: A boon for hand tremor patients

Although hand tremors cannot be cured permanently unless the prime cause of the same is treated, indulging in physiotherapy can actually help bring down the symptoms. This will also lower the instances for the frequency of occurrences of hand tremors.

When you get in touch with an experienced physiotherapy professional, you will be guided through a set of hand based exercises that needs to be practiced everyday under the professional’s guidance.
Here is a list of some of the well-known physiotherapy exercises that help bring down the instances of hand tremor.

Shoulder Shrugs:

The nerves on your shoulder are connected with those in your hands and in order to aid better movement and reduced shaking, you need to focus on physio-exercises such as shoulder shrug. Doing the shoulder shrug with the help of a physiotherapist will help you increase the frequency of brain activity and connection between the hands and brain. This will help create a proper synaptic chain from one end to the other, thereby allowing the brain to properly control the hand movements. Make sure you do this exercise under expert guidance to avoid any unnecessary spraining.

Hand Tightening and Relaxing:

This progressive form of muscle relaxation exercise shall aid your body and mind to completely relax down, thereby reducing any tremors expected to occur in the hands. This particular form of physiotherapy exercise also aids better flexibility in the fingers.

Bicep Curls:

The bicep curls or arm curl can be deemed as one among the highly recognized weight training based physiotherapy exercise that works on the upper arm strength and neuro-connectivity. With use of a heavy weight item that is bearable for the patients, physiotherapists will always suggest starting with lighter weight and slowly increasing the strength. Bicep curls tends to build the muscles in and around the upper and lower arm which in turn increases the stability of hand during a tremor and thereby introducing better control.

Wrist Flexion:

Wrists are comprised of a complex set of joints that come with muscular attachments, bones, as well as nerves travelling through the area. The wrist flexion exercise helps add strength to the wrists that in turn support the entire hand.

Behavioral Relaxation Therapy:

Apart from physical issues, stress can also be one among the leading causes of hand tremors, which is why physiotherapists focus on introduction of behavioural relaxation based therapy that subsequently brings down the overall stress level.


Apart from the mainstream exercises in physiotherapy, hydrotherapy is a popular form of exercises that help the cases in need of gentle touch. This one involves completing a set of general exercises inside a water body or in this case a swimming pool. It helps maintain health while preventing any disease that might ail the body. People with poor coordination between hand and brain leading to tremors can seek help from physiotherapy professionals with specialty in hydrotherapy. The buoyancy in water allows the much needed support to your hands allowing the limb movement to be less painful as experienced on land.

Bottom Line

This neurological issue can cause uncontrolled and frequent shaking which needs to be taken care of in a proper way. While, no cure has been brought into the market for hand tremors, lifestyle changes paired with proper physiotherapy can aid you lead a better life. With better motor skills and improved flexibility plus dexterity, one can complete everyday tasks with ease. Plus, it would be an interesting journey for you as a patient to investigate physiotherapy as a unique means of treatment for hand tremors that is completely free from chemical additives. So, make sure the next step you take towards a healthier and tremor-free life is to go for physiotherapy provided by experts in the field.

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