How to change my healthy eating habits to a balanced diet?

How to change my healthy eating habits to a balanced diet?

The best way to achieve optimum health is a perfectly balanced diet. Assuming that the healthy diet you have been consuming for long is actually a balanced diet would be a misconception. Healthy meals don’t always mean that you have a truly balanced diet.

With a vast range of diet plans, it can be a bit difficult when it comes to judging what counts under the term “Balanced Diet”. While some will tell you that carbs can be unhealthy and fats are dangerous, but the truth is your body requires everything but in a set amount.

Now, one might say that green veggies are great for your health. However, a diet packed with just veggies and nothing else makes you devoid of other beneficial nutrients. Veggies are low in protein and this is why it is necessary that you add a portion of the protein-based diet to your healthy eating habits.

Recommended Nutritional Requirements for Balanced Diet

Now, there are some basic things that you need to remember when deciding if your healthy meals are actually balanced in nutritional content for better weight loss. In order to get a proper amount of nutrition from eating healthy, a major portion of your calorie intake should come from:

Recommended Nutritional Requirements for Balanced Diet

  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Legumes
  • Whole Grains
  • Lean Proteins
  • Nuts
  • Natural Sugar and Salt

According to the latest research reports, the following calorie intake is recommended for eating healthier than before.

  • Children (2-8 Years): 1000-1400 Calories
  • Girls (9-13 Years): 1400-1600 Calories
  • Boys (9-13 Years): 1600-2000 Calories
  • Active Women (14-30 Years): 2400 Calories
  • Sedentary Women (14-30 Years): 1800-2000 Calories
  • Active Men (14-30 Years): 2800-3200 Calories
  • Sedentary Men (14-30 Years): 2000-2600 Calories
  • Active Men & Women (30+ Years): 2000-3000 Calories
  • Sedentary Men & Women (30+ Years): 1600-2400 Calories

Components of Properly Balanced Diet

Vitamins :

These nutrients protect the body against any infections, metabolic imbalance, or deficiency diseases. Inclusion of multi-colored vegetables and whole fruits can be great for balanced consumption of vitamins & minerals.Daily necessary Vitamines include,  Vitamin B-Complex(Biotin), Vitamin B-Complex (Folate), Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K


The importance of vitamins should never be undermined. maybe in small quantities, but our body needs them for proper functioning. our diet should consist of minerals like Boron Calcium, Chlorine, Chromium, Copper, Fluorine, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, SodiumVanadium and Zinc


Protein is associated with growth, development, and bodybuilding. It is required for repairing the cells and making new ones.


Carbs are necessary for proper sustainability of the body with ample energy. Efficient carbs introduce glucose that produces energy and helps proper regulation of the body’s voluntary as well as involuntary functions.


Fats make up for an important faction of nutrition that provides energy, hormone synthesis, and vitamin circulation.

Daily Minerals Intake 

Nutritionally Balanced Alternatives to your Healthy Diet –

Stick to Whole Grain Products:

Stick to Whole Grain Products

You can easily change your healthy eating habits to a more balanced protocol by choosing to consume whole grain based bread or roti or brown rice as opposed to a traditional refined form of bread. Refined grain bread is packed with a good amount of healthy nutrition and is a viable replacement for refined form of bread.

Add Some Greek Yogurt:

Add Some Greek Yogurt

Healthy meals, when paired with the thicker & creamier version of regular yogurt, make up for healthier food. Greek Yoghurt is packed with high protein and fat which helps you feel fuller for longer. This evades any instance of binge eating and helps with losing weight.

Add Eggs to your Breakfast:

Add Eggs to your Breakfast

Eggs tend to be incredibly healthy when added to your breakfast. They offer a rich high-quality protein with essential nutrients like choline. Eat breakfast with eggs and feel more satiated with low desire to consume a fat-rich diet.

Increase Protein Intake:

Increase Protein Intake

Protein is among the most fulfilling macronutrients that satiate your hunger with feel-good hormones. Add rich source of protein to your diet with a healthy snack such as nuts, dairy products, eggs, peanut butter, lean meat, and beans.

Adequate Water Intake:

Adequate Water Intake

The most crucial aspect of a well-balanced diet is adequate water consumption. If you have been eating healthy for losing weight, consuming a good amount of water will help more. Eating healthier with subsequent water intake has been known to drastically reduce calorie or sugar intake. Drinking water skims all the body toxins thus helping you maintain a healthier body.

Try Roasting/Baking/Boiling/Steaming:

Try Roasting/Baking/Boiling/Steaming

Instead of opting for a deep fried or grilled food item, you can opt  for baking or roasting. This process keeps the nutritional content intact while potentially getting rid of any toxic such as PAHs, AGEs, or HCAs.

Opt for whole fruits:

Opt for whole fruits

Fruits are very healthy when taken in any form. Eating fruits gives a good amount of fiber and protein without any artificially added sugar. However, it is advised that you go for whole fruits as opposed to juices. With juices, fiber is obtained which helps promote slow digestion with no major blood sugar levels spike.

Opt out of deceiving diet food:

Eating healthier requires you to not be fooled by deceiving diet foods. These food items come with drastically reduced fat content which leads to a lack of texture and flavor. In order to compensate for the same, food makers add sugar or similar ingredients which can be far agonizing than its full-fat counterparts. Instead, try and manage your portions with whole foods instead of manufactured ones.

Try Supplements such as Green Tea:

Try Supplements such as Green Tea

There are some nutrition elements that you might not acquire from your healthy diet. In order to ramp up your nutritional intake, you can add herbal supplements to your diet like green tea, ginseng, or oregano tea.

Bottom Line

While a healthy diet is great for your body, you need the right amount of healthy for optimum health. Know how a simple change in your diet aids you with the best form of nutrition and minerals. Try out the Diet & Nutrition Service by Arogyadhama and get the best of what you eat. having a nutritionist driven diet will ensure that your body receives all the necessary nutrient requirements in the correct and appropriate quantity.

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